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Crack Filler Importance:
Crack filling is a very important attribute to the maintenance of your driveway or parking lot.
Driveways are usually paved with Fine Topping Asphalt, therefore they require a different need for crack filler. Parking lots are usually paved with Commercial Grade Asphalt and can require all types of crack filler.

Commercial Grade Asphalt is much more durable but when it starts to crack it's very hard to resolve the issue.

Hot Rubber Crack Filler: Very good for the commercial grade of asphalt although it hides a deep dark secret!
You have to heat up the hot rubber crack filler to a certain degree before you can apply it to the crack.
Once you apply it to the crack it cools very fast and therefore won't successfully adhered to the inner sides of the crack itself. What people don't understand is that water travels under the base of asphalt (Base is Crushed Concrete or Limestone) Learn more about Asphalt Base here
Once the water comes up from the base because it has nowhere to go but up it tries very hard to reach the surface of the asphalt. It will push its way through the Hot Rubber and begin its corrosion process.

Sure ICE and SNOW can be some cause of the issue but what is ICE and SNOW made out of?
H2O (Water) Water washes away everything and it's by far the most damaging element in our world.
Once you realize this, you will see the light.

So in the unprotected areas of the crack in the asphalt, there will be areas of the crack that were not properly sealed by the hot rubber. Hot Rubber goes into the crack so hot it doesn't have a chance to fill up the crack even though it appears so.
Don't be fooled! It might hide that crack for years before you start seeing the the evil in hot rubber.
What was once a small little crack covered by hot rubber 5 years ago is now is now 20 times larger under the hot rubber that hides the crack on your driveway.

Everyone wants their driveways to look great and to hide the crack is even better, but what about the longevity of your driveway and the stability of your driveway? well your driveway will slowly corrode away and you won't have the logevity potential of your driveways life. Learn more about Crack filler here.

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