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Important Information on Sealcoat

Price differences:

My name is David Campbell. I've been in the sealcoating business for 27 years.
When you come to my company for service you will get the 101 sealcoating Degree.
You will learn why you should sealcoat your driveway and parking lots every year.
Two good reasons. One is your driveway will always look its very best and never break down. Second reason is, Asphalt Paving cost much more in the long run then sealcoating your driveway or parking every year.
Price difference:
Sealcoating cost between $0.10 and $0.12 a

square foot

Paving a cap on your driveway will cost you between $2.00 - $2.50 a square foot. Replacing your driveway will cost around $3.50 a square foot.
If you have a new Driveway freshly paved and you don't sealcoat for 8 years, the driveway will become porous and yes you will have cracks. If you continue on this path and don't sealcoat your driveway for 15 years there won't be much left of your driveway.
(Maybe some rubble and rocks.)

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Now if you Sealcoat every year, you will never have to replace that driveway again and it will always look its very best. Now your driveway will always get a few cracks here and there, don't get me wrong. But nothing like the cracks you would receive if you don't properly sealcoat your driveway every year!

Say you have a driveway and its 1,000 sq ft and you paved it with 3 inches of asphalt. Cost = $3,500.00 

Now your driveway is new.   
Sealcoating will cost $180.00 for the first year <<<< That's two coats.
First coat = $0.12 sq ft  Second coat = $0.06 sq ft
Maintenance program every year after that will cost you:
Second year Maintenance  $120.00
Third year Maintenance  $120.00
and would stay at $120.00 every year after

15 years and your driveway still looks new and beautiful.
You spent $1,800
30 years and your driveway still looks new and beautiful as the day it was first put in.
You spent $3,600
Not bad for your investment considering your house value hasn't gone down because you maintain your property.
Now if you only sealcoated your driveway every two years within a 15 year period, this will cause you some hardship. Your driveway will have a lot of cracks and will be very porous.


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