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Sealcoat that contains sand, sludge or any other compound will cause chipping, flaking, peeling and spider cracks.
Now this is why sand is so bad to use in sealcoat:
Your driveway expands & contracts, (it stretches and bends in all different ways during the weathers)
Since sand is a rock, it does not stretch therefore the sealcoat pulls apart from the sand leaving little tiny areas all over your driveway unprotected from water.

Sealcoat is tested in the labs to stretch.
So when your driveway stretches the sealcoat will stretch with it to protect from water getting in to bare asphalt.
Now if you use sealcoat that has sand sludge or any other compounds the driveway will stretch and the sealcoat will but the sand won't(remember it’s a rock ) therefore little spider cracks appear in the sealcoat, leaving room for water to get in to the bare asphalt and wash it away. And if nothing is done about it, the spider cracks turn in to alligated broken asphalt.
This is the reason for sealcoating your driveway every year.
Note: Asphalt is made out of Tar, petroleum's and aggregate.  Water does wash away the Tars and petroleum's. On bare asphalt that means the asphalt will turn into rubble.
This is what sealcoat that contains sand will do to your driveway! In some cases you will notice the effects shortly after using the sandy sealcoat.

What you need to know about sealcoat and application!
The products we use come from Surface Coatings , which is made from the finest materials in the world!  I know how important your home is to you and your driveway is a reflection on how your home looks. This is why I use the right material and the proper method to apply it.

What is the best sealcoat ?
  The best sealcoat is rubberized emulsion sealcoat.

Hand applied. We use a two-step process. First we spread the sealcoat out to fill and cover all the little nicks and holes thoroughly Second we do the fine finish, which makes the driveway look Beautiful one straight black color, the way your driveway should look!!!

Here is a website I found that might be of some interest to those who think sand in the sealcoat is good for your driveway.
Sealcoat that contains sand
The person giving the answer to the question being asked really doesn't know what they are talking about. All I hear are excuses on why the sealer might be bad and that sealcoating the driveway every year for the last 5 years might also be the cause.
I've sealcoated over 10,000 driveways and I do the same driveways every year for the last 25 years, my driveways don't peel, chip or flake.
Now why would that be?
Maybe it's because I don't use sand!
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